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DSAIR Workshop 2017: Frontiers of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Published on: 04-Jul-2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, work, learn, and communicate with direct implications in areas as diverse as security, finance, healthcare, personal assistants, education, mobility, logistics, electronic retail, or robotic among others. This workshop tapped on such potential and focused on the importance of data science and AI to solve challenges, find efficiencies, and innovate to support Smart Nation efforts. The workshop presented applications in different areas, including fintech, urban computing, healthcare, manufacturing, layman analytics or foundations of data science and AI.

Organized by the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research (DSAIR) Center, a newly research center jointly established by the School of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Physical and Mathematical Science at NTU, its primary aim was to create dialogues among scientists and industry practitioners as well as bringing data science and AI to a wider audience.

Keynote speakers (from left): Dr Rohan Mahadevan and Prof Yao Xin.

Speakers (from left): Prof Vladimir Pavlovic, A/P Chng Eng Siong, Jeffrey Adie, A/P Luo Jun and A/P Xavier Bresson.

The program had a good mix of overseas and local speakers. Keynote addresses included lectures on transforming the future of payments with data science by the Chief Executive Officer of PayPal Pte Ltd, Dr Rohan Mahadevan, or recent progresses in many-objective optimization by Prof Yao Xin from Southern University of Science and Technology (China) and University of Birmingham (UK). Others speakers included Prof Vladimir Pavlovic from Rutgers University (USA) or Jeffrey Adie, Principle Solutions Architect at NVIDIA (Singapore), together with local faculty. Every lecture was followed by a Q&A session, where students and professors took an active interest in discussing the lecture topics and further dwelling into the information provided.

The Opening Ceremony was graced by Prof Chen Tsuhan (Dean of College of Engineering at NTU) and Prof Ling San (Dean of College of Science at NTU), who emphasized the role of data science and AI in overcoming new challenges through immediate examples of application. With a total of 250 registered participants, the workshop showcased different posters and demos to the audience which complemented the different lectures.

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